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ivy swastika
Posted by mistacat on 2006.02.11 at 02:10
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Here are some overview shots of my books. If anyone wants close-up shots of each shelf, I'll have to make that a second post.

Pictures behind the cut. 1.28mbCollapse )

ivy swastika

New Favourite

Posted by mistacat on 2006.02.07 at 16:12
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A hasty post to announce my precense. I'll post more later, I hope.


Posted by quoila on 2006.01.31 at 20:23
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To all who might be a little dismayed that we have a Worst Dressed List (which, I must add, has yet to have anyone put on it yet, but I'll be the first, if it really makes you feel better):
I just want to say that I am sorry to you all if I have NOT insulted you before. I really feel that as a true friend it is my duty to push your buttons and irritate you and make you think twice about things. Thinking is a virtue. And if I have never offended you before, then please complain at the front desk.